Dear Top Notch patients,

My name is Dr. Lyle Pipher.  I bought the practice from Dr. Porter in mid March of 2017.  She decided she wanted to be closer with her family back in Indiana and Kentucky.  I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and answer a few questions.  I have gone to a chiropractor all my life and have experienced many different styles and approaches.  I know a trusting relationship between doctor and patient is up utmost importance.  If you have any questions at all feel free to call me at the office and we can chat.  Thank you for this opportunity.

What technique do I use?
I don't use one specific technique, but do my best to find the technique that best suits you and your preferences.  Some people like a firm adjustment and others a subtle one, I am happy to do either because having you relaxed during the adjustment accelerates the healing process.  I do not force anyone to do anything that feels uncomfortable or unsafe.  I'd like you to simply relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

My approach?
I take a health-based approach to your care as opposed to a disease-based approach.  What we commonly call healthcare in this country has very little attention on health and the majority of emphasis is on the symptoms and disease.  You mostly seek a doctor when you have a problem or disease, you buy health insurance in case you get sick or injured, you take pills often trading one symptom for another.  See how the orientation is around disease?  My approach is to adjust your spine to improve the function of the systems of your body.  Allowing the innate health and vitality that is present to express itself even more.  Actually caring for the health of the body, which then takes care of the dis-ease.  If you get healthy I still have a job, because prevention is where it's at.  I want you healthy and so I am free of the conflict of interest that comes from making money off disease.  Health is a lifestyle.  Whether you are interested in a health-based approach or a just have a sore back that needs an adjustment I am happy to help you either way

Dr. Lyle