Single adjustment - $50
New patient consultation and exam - $50

"The Long Adjustment" - $100 

(See below for details)

Sports Physicals - $50


Prepaid packages reduce adjustment fees, saves time in the office,
and helps you make an investment and commitment to your health.


$500 – 11 adjustments  =   $45/adjustment (save $50)
$1000 – 25 adjustments  =   $40/adjustment (save $250)
$1500 – Unlimited adjustments 1 year  =  $35 or less/adjustment

(save $500+)


Senior/Child Discount:


"The Long Adjustment"

I am now offering a different kind of adjustment for those of you who like to take it slow, need some time to relax and give yourself some self-love, or just feel like you need a good reset. This is for you.  "The Long Adjustment" lasts about an hour and starts with some nice relaxation techniques or simple breathing exercises, followed by some very specific massage combined with my own style of soothing energy work. Plus, a little chiropractic adjusting sprinkled throughout.  When the body is calm adjustments go easier, last longer and are more enjoyable.  I really like these types of treatments because one of the keys to healing is getting the body to relax and put a pause on the fight or flight response(stress response) we all have activated on a regular basis.  If the body's internal alarm is going off it's not able to heal effectively.  When the body is at rest it repairs and heals.  True healthcare is about making simple lifestyle changes and choices that work to empower and harmonize the body's natural healing response, not just treating dis-ease and symptoms.  In healthcare, just like in life, if you focus on the problem/symptom/dis-ease you'll never see the solution. 

Let me help you see the solution to your health today.

Dr. Lyle

Cost: $100 
Buy 5, get one free.​

Super-bill for insurance provided upon request

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