​​​Kids need Chiropractic too

Misalignments of the spine can happen as early as the birth process.

Physical stress from falls, car accidents, and playing is a part of life.

Mental/emotional stress is increasingly common among our youth.

Kid adjustments are gentle, fun and effective

Chiropractors are among the safest of all doctors

     (try a web search for malpractice rates among doctors)

Many of the common problems children face like:

ADHD/ADD, digestive disorders, sleep problems, vision problems, social anxiety can be helped with chiropractic. 


Chiropractic is about improving function, not just pain relief.

Chiropractic resets the nervous system and many of these conditions are related to an overactive nervous system a.k.a. stress. 

When the stress response is calmed the healing response naturally and spontaneously acts.

This is the healthcare plan worth investing in!

A healthcare plan that actually brings about more health!

Child Adjustment $30

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