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What technique do I use?
I don't use one specific technique, but do my best to find the technique that best suits you and your preferences.  Some people like a firm adjustment and others a subtle one, I am happy to do either because having you relaxed during the adjustment accelerates the healing process.  I do not force anyone to do anything that feels uncomfortable or unsafe.  I'd like you to simply relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

My approach?
I take a health-based approach to your care as opposed to a disease-based approach.  What we commonly call healthcare in this country has very little attention on health and the majority of emphasis is on the symptoms and disease.  You mostly seek a doctor when you have a problem or disease, you buy health insurance in case you get sick or injured, you take pills often trading one symptom for another.  See how the orientation is around disease?  My approach is to adjust your spine to improve the function of the systems of your body.  Allowing the innate health and vitality that is present to express itself even more.  Actually caring for the health of the body, which then takes care of the dis-ease.  If you get healthy I still have a job, because prevention is where it's at.  I want you healthy and so I am free of the conflict of interest that comes from making money off disease.  Health is a lifestyle.  Whether you are interested in a health-based approach or a just have a sore back that needs an adjustment I am happy to help you either way

Phone:  720-898-5353

Hello, my name is Dr. Lyle and I would like to welcome to the site.  If a friend has referred you, then you may already know that I am passionate about helping people express their innate health and vitality (Liberate Your Life Essence, L.Y.L.E. Chiropractic).   This is a great place for every member of your family to receive the personalized care, attention, and openness you're looking for to achieve all your healthcare goals.  In order to assist you in getting the most benefit for you and your family through chiropractic, I feel it is important for you to know a little about me and why I became a chiropractor. 

When my mother was a teenager she dove into a creek and broke her neck.  As a result, she has three fused vertebrae in her spine.  Chiropractic was the only thing she found that could give her lasting relief without the constant use of medications.  As a child I always went along to the chiropractor and got adjusted.  Chiropractic always made sense to me.  Perhaps it was because of my exposure to my father’s work as master carpenter.  I could see how if the frame or foundation of a building was out of alignment it ultimately affected its function.  Similarly, it made sense to me that if the frame of our physical bodies (our spine) was out of alignment it would affect its function as well.  My father also found great relief from the everyday pains of a skilled labor job in going to the chiropractor.  My older brother was diagnosed ADHD from a very young age for which he took medications that really didn't seem to help too much.  Seeing my family struggle in each of their unique ways really inspired me to want to help people.  Nobody likes seeing the ones they love struggle or in pain. 

People often enter the office complaining of some type of pain.   But what I find is bothering them the most isn’t their pain, but their inability to engage in and enjoy their normal activities of daily life.  Every day they experience things like difficulty sleeping, trouble with concentrating, irritability with friends and family, unable to exercise, all which has decreased their quality of life.  Many of these symptoms are due to an overstimulated nervous system, commonly known as stress.  Children often struggle with many of the same challenges as adults and respond quickly and positively to chiropractic care.  Of course, gentle safe techniques are used to adjust children and babies.  For the most part conventional healthcare aims to treat most conditions with medication, often only replacing one symptom for another; not actually caring for health, as the name “Healthcare” implies.  Wouldn’t you like to invest your money, time and energy in a health-care system that empowers health, not just endlessly rearranging symptoms?  Chiropractic is a solution based practice that allows the health and vitality that is already present to shine (Liberates Your Life Essence – L.Y.L.E. Chiropractic).  The emphasis is on encouraging more health, not managing or rearranging symptoms.  By empowering the body to heal, symptoms naturally and spontaneously resolve.  This is a healthcare plan worth investing in.

I am passionate about helping families and children thrive and flourish in their lives.  I have seen and experienced the power of chiropractic care personally and in the lives I touch each and every day serving others.  I want to warmly welcome you and encourage you to join me in sharing the chiropractic message with families and children, so we all can live in a global family together for the benefit of all.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

~Dr. Lyle