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Welcome to Lyle Chiropractic.

The acronym for my name LYLE, Liberate Your Life Essence, really captures chiropractic and my approach to health. Lyle Chiropractic is healthcare based on health, not disease.  The focus is on aligning your spine so that the Life and Health that is already present is able to work more efficiently, powerfully and easily, like upgrading your internet connection.  By empowering and emphasizing health, symptoms spontaneously and naturally resolve.  I definitely want to help you with your neck pain, headaches, back pain or whatever ails you.  But I am going to do so, not by treating your pain (which is not the problem by the way, it's like a smoke alarm telling you there is a problem), but by aligning your spine so that your electrical and informational system in your body is working at top speed.  We all know how frustrating it is to have a slow internet connection.  When the spine is out of alignment it puts pressure on the nerves and slows its communication and function, causing pain, loss of range of motion, an inability to participate in normal daily activities and a decreased quality of life.

My goal and focus is health.  I educate my patients about taking a health-based lifestyle with simple choices that work in harmony with your body's natural ability to heal itself.  Since my focus and goal is health I get paid to get you healthy and keep you there. If you are healthy and well you still get adjusted.  Why?  Because life is really stressful sometimes and getting a tune-up for maintenance and preventative reasons prevents problems from arising in the first place.  It prevent things from getting too far out of balance.  It helps things work better.  It allows you to take a proactive, tangible physical step toward health with immediate benefit.

This is different than a disease based form of healthcare that we have been traditionally taught.  In a disease based approach you seek care only when there is disease or symptom, you get insurance in case there is disease or symptom, and often the treatment does not cure your disease or symptom, but trade those symptoms for other symptoms that you find more tolerable.  And often you take these treatments indefinitely.  In a disease based system if the symptoms goes away those companies lose business and can no longer function.  These companies have to have disease and symptom to profit.  This is a contradiction for you to achieve good health.  Disease care is an important and lifesaving part of healthcare, but not all of healthcare in and of itself.  Whatever you are doing to treat your disease or symptom I totally respect and honor that, I am simply suggesting adding in chiropractic to improve the function of all your body's systems.  This is true healthcare where the primary focus is health, secondarily addressing symptoms, not the other way around.

This is a healthcare plan worth investing in.


Dr. Lyle